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2021 May

Notes from me

I wanted to thank FUNNY RAVE staff (Jab50yen, Six, Beatstar, WnderlandReject, and others) for letting me on once again. In their last event, the artist Viravax had produced an set with a lot of ambient music. It caught my eyes (and ears), so huge special thanks to them for indirectly inspiring Part 1 of my performence. I got the courage to go all-in on ambient drone music.

Part of the intro medley was made long ago for a mixtape that never came to be - inspired by a friend of mine that went into a coma for a small time after an incident. It had an effect on me, and I wanted to express it somehow. Friend in question has recovered since.

I will recommend the Twitch VOD with chat for the optimal viewing experience. Seperated from the live reaction, the performance is lesser for it. In lieu of the VOD being removed in the future, I will reupload the parts seperately onto Mixcloud / Soundcloud.

Watch Twitch VOD - Youtube VOD mirror

The Youtube VOD mirror got hit with a copyright ID and has a small section muted. Turn on subtitles to see Twitch chat messages! It’s a little buggy at the time of writing.


Part 1: “Inheritance”

  • Intro medley
    • Jóhann Jóhannsson with Hildur Guðnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - End of Summer Part 3
    • mr.Bull - Lust
    • SOPHIE - Pretending
    • Kenji Yamamoto - Outside Frigate Orpheon
    • Burial - State Forest
  • ghostwerk - Market Place
  • Machinedrum - Talk 2 Me
  • Aubrey Hodges - A Calm Panic Rises
  • Kelly Bailey - a red letter day
  • Mssingno - [unnamed XE1 VIP]
  • Television Sky - Heartfrost I
  • o.h mobes - hallway (WIP)
  • Time Wharp - Yrlyf
  • Phonat - Phase to Face

Part 2: “Control”

  • Gater - Malachite
  • gemi - frog dub
  • Ticklish - Boy Don’t Waste My Amor
  • submerse - Last Dance
  • firedrill - ducks rotate but they disappear?
  • Sebastian - Love in Motion (Rustie remix)
  • Coda - what did you just say to me

Other media / source:

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