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2021 May

Notes from me

I wanted to thank FUNNY RAVE staff (Jab50yen, Six, Beatstar, WnderlandReject, and others) for letting me on once again. In their last event, the artist Viravax had produced an set with a lot of ambient music. It caught my eyes (and ears), so huge special thanks to them for indirectly inspiring Part 1 of my performence. I got the courage to go all-in on ambient drone music.

Part of the intro medley was made long ago for a mixtape that never came to be - inspired by a friend of mine that went into a coma for a small time after an incident. It had an effect on me, and I wanted to express it somehow. Friend in question has recovered since.

The Youtube VOD mirror got hit with a copyright ID and has a small section muted.


Part 1: “Inheritance”

  • Intro medley
    • Jóhann Jóhannsson with Hildur Guðnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - End of Summer Part 3
    • mr.Bull - Lust
    • SOPHIE - Pretending
    • Kenji Yamamoto - Outside Frigate Orpheon
    • Burial - State Forest
  • ghostwerk - Market Place
  • Machinedrum - Talk 2 Me
  • Aubrey Hodges - A Calm Panic Rises
  • Kelly Bailey - a red letter day
  • Mssingno - [unnamed XE1 VIP]
  • Television Sky - Heartfrost I
  • o.h mobes - hallway (WIP)
  • Time Wharp - Yrlyf
  • Phonat - Phase to Face

Part 2: “Control”

  • Gater - Malachite
  • gemi - frog dub
  • Ticklish - Boy Don’t Waste My Amor
  • submerse - Last Dance
  • firedrill - ducks rotate but they disappear?
  • Sebastian - Love in Motion (Rustie remix)
  • Coda - what did you just say to me